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Опубликовано в "Фотография, Дизайн", язык - English. 12 страниц.
The new, developed area of Nordhavn in Copenhagen is now ell known for its architecture and beautiful location. This has attracted the upper class of copenhagen as inhabitants, and has given the area the nickname 'ghetto for the rich'. It hasn't always been this way, though, and this is what I wanted to investigate in my magazine. Nordhavn's past as an industrial shipping hub has had it's effects on the current and modern city. I have investigated the relationship between Nordhavn and it's past. Еще
In this magazine, I have photographed the new and recently developed area of Nordhavn. The Danish city has been brought on the map for its stunning location and beautiful architecture, but this isn't the way it has always been. Before becoming the home for Copenhagen's upper class and gaining the name "Ghetto for the rich", Nordhavn was an industrial hub for the shipping industry. I have photographed Nordhavn as a city by the water, investigating the relationship between Nordhavn and its past. Еще
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