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November / December 2021

Опубликовано в "Игры", язык - English. 24 страниц.
In Bridge Maxims, David Lindop shows us how to apply judgment, as defenders, to a popular guideline: “Aces are meant to take kings.” It’s a sound idea, but David shows us when we may need to play an ace without capturing declarer’s high cards. In the Play of the Hand, David has advice for declarer when ruffing losers in dummy. Declarer needs to be careful about the order the cards are played to maintain control of the trump suit. Еще
Better Bridge Magazine is full of articles, quizzes, and hands for you to ponder. Authors like David Lindop, Larry Cohen, Jerry Helms and of course Audrey Grant, make this subscription invaluable to thousands of bridge players all over the world. Еще
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