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Nu Vibez and Roleplay Guide Magazine -

March 2014

Опубликовано в "Общество, Общество", язык - English. 80 страниц.
Second Life's new CEO, Ebbe Altberg, what he's been up to this year. Renowned Hollywood Actress, Heather Bloom shares her review of the 2014 Oscars; Second Life's own Verona Lorgsval becomes a First Life published artist with her new murder mystery in fantasy setting; Linden Labs contacts Nu Vibez' own Photographer, WrenNoir Cerise for rights to use her work to market Second Life; and the trouble going on in Uganda with lost rights for people who are gay (LGBT). Еще
Nu Vibez is a pop-culture online & in-world publication focused on topics of interest to virtual residents & “real-world” people alike. We cover a wide range of topics including: News, Contemporary Issues, Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Role Play, Gaming, Health, Psychology, Technology, Sports & more. The Nu Vibez/Roleplay Guide audience ranges in ages from 18 to 60 from a varied and diverse group of life disciplines. Get more depth & submit news at our main site Еще

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