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Observing Memories

Issue 3

Опубликовано в "История, История", язык - English. 108 страниц.
The third issue of the EUROM magazine, Observing Memories, is focused on tourism and memory. It contains 104 pages including deep articles, reviews and an interview with Michael Rothberg. Also available online: www.europeanmemories.net/magazine. Еще
Magazine of the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) www.europeanmemories.net EUROM is a transnational network of institutions and organizations committed with the analysis and promotion of remembrance public policies. It aims to reflect on the recent history of the struggle for democracy and freedom in Europe, advocating for a plurality of memories. The Observatory is led by Fundació Solidaritat de la Universitat de Barcelona with the support of the European Commission – Europe for Citizens Еще
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