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Oklahoma Scenes

Spring 2020

Опубликовано в "Литература", язык - English. 32 страниц.
Oklahoma Scenes, Spring Edition 2020 begins the year long celebration we have planned for our very own Shop ‘N Swap Advertiser, which has been serving Oklahoman’s for 50 years! As we begin our celebration. We couldn’t help but notice how many clients we have served over 50 years that are still advertising today. Еще
We’ve been listening to our readers, and we hope it shows through in our new format for our quarterly magazines! We are adding more local writers, artists, photographers, people, places and events. Oklahoma Scenes will showcase your businesses and communities throughout the year in a beautiful, easy to read, entertaining and informative snapshot of the 17 counties we serve at the Oklahoma Shoppers Group. Еще
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