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Outdoor Focus

Spring 2018

Опубликовано в "На открытом воздухе, На открытом воздухе", язык - English. 16 страниц.
Winter has its charms but the first signs of spring truly lift the heart. The longer days mean more time can be spent outdoors, and the first faint glimmers of heat can be felt whenever the sun makes an appearance. (Though, as I write, the forecast for next week shows that winter hasn’t given up its icy grip just yet.) In this issue, with a suitably spring-themed cover by Susie White, are articles that will hopefully plant seeds for possible projects during the spring months. Еще
Outdoor Focus: Summer 2017 Outdoor Focus is the quarterly magazine of the OWPG, with articles on professional topics, member photo portfolios, outdoor news and opinions, and what the OWPG has been up to. Еще
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