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Owned by a Sphynx

Volume 1, Issue 2

Опубликовано в "Домашние животные, Домашние животные", язык - English. 40 страниц.
**PLEASE NOTE** This issue will become unavailable on this website March 5th, 2014. we will be offering a different option to purchase on Dec 1st, 2013. Follow our FB and wait to purchase until the new location is given! A look inside-The Rock N' Roll Issue • Sphynx Tattoos • A Study in Genetics • Showing your Sphynx & Tips from a TICA Judge • Sphynx Dental Health • Sphynx Abroad - South Africa • Keeping the Peace with Multiple Sphynx Еще
Dedicated completely to the amazing Sphynx breed! Lots of gorgeous photos, shopping ideas, health and grooming tips, and so much more....all focused on our wonderful naked kitties. This full color magazine is available as both a printed magazine and an interactive online magazine. Sections in the magazine contain important topics such as Health, Grooming, Simple Genetics and Showing. There will also be other fun odds, ends, tips and tricks! And of course many MANY photos of sphynx cats! Еще
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