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Owned by a Sphynx

Volume 1, Issue 2

Опубликовано в "Домашние животные, Домашние животные", язык - English. 40 страниц.
**PLEASE NOTE** This issue will become unavailable on this website March 5th, 2014. we will be offering a different option to purchase on Dec 1st, 2013. Follow our FB and wait to purchase until the new location is given! A look inside-The Rock N' Roll Issue • Sphynx Tattoos • A Study in Genetics • Showing your Sphynx & Tips from a TICA Judge • Sphynx Dental Health • Sphynx Abroad - South Africa • Keeping the Peace with Multiple Sphynx Еще
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Тэги : cats · sphynx · naked cat · hairless cats · sphinx · kittens
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