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Paintings by Tricia Bethel depicting Caribbean Art

Опубликовано в "Искусство, Искусство", язык - English. 16 страниц.
Tricia’s art happens to be very diverse due to her need to always explore new ways of painting. Every canvas shows a constant evolutionary shift from folk art to realism to postmodern art; impressionism, expressionism and even abstract art. If she was not exploring the idyllic beauty of her hometown, she would be creating portraits or exploring abstract expressions. Lately her paintings in abstraction allows for deeper self-expression and less perfecting of form. Her portraits often depict women Еще
A catalog of selected paintings from the Artist Tricia Bethel. Tricia has been painting since the age of 11. She paints using oils or acrylics on canvas. Today her work has been exhibited in countries like Asia, America and the Caribbean. Vibrant colors are visible in her artwork, revealing her Caribbean lifestyle and culture. Her artworks focuses on nature, culture and life in the Caribbean. Do enjoy her works. Еще
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