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Phenomena Encountered: The Magazine

Issue 3

Опубликовано в "Альтернативный, Альтернативный", язык - English. 18 страниц.
Phenomenal Spotlight with David Graham of Twisted Paranormal. In depth interview with alien contactee Mrs. "R". Magickal Mishaps and what it is like to have your home haunted by brownies. Newest Box Talk and Phenomena Encountered with Dee and Dan. Еще
Inside these pages is a continuation of the work of Dee Garcia and Dan Klaes of the popular paranormal radio show Phenomea Encounter. Chris Moon and Dee Garcia also host Box Talk Radio. Get the latest news in paranormal, unexplained encounter stories sent in by fans, interviews with magickal practionors, interviews with paranormal investigators, and more! Еще
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Тэги : paranormal · haunted · tarot reading · pagan

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