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July 2015

Опубликовано в "Общий, На открытом воздухе", язык - English. 52 страниц.
Issue 6 of the only publication dedicated to PMC Operatives is packed with articles focussed on the things that matter to you - kit, training, reviews and interviews with individuals that make a difference. In this issue we talk to Borut Kincl about his unique self-defence training, take a lesson in fitness from the mighty "MGUNZ" and go behind the doors of fabric industry giant CORDURA. Trampas gets to grips with the SIG TACOPS 1911 and we have six pages of the latest gear to hit the market... Еще
Private Military Contractor International (PMCI) is the only magazine dedicated to the PMC sector. Published five times a year, PMCI contains reports, reviews, news and articles of general interest to those involved in this line of work - written by past and current operatives or those with an intimate knowledge of the subject about which they write. PMCI is available on a variety of platforms and will always be FREE to the reader. Еще
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