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EDITION #11 - JUNE 2015

Опубликовано в "Альтернативный", язык - English. 110 страниц.
Welcome back gents and gravies. It’s June and the cold is now officially upon us. I’d imagine getting out of bed is now ten times harder than your usual situation, but hey, the cool part is that you get to spend at least an hour in your car, the heater blowing in your face, while sitting in traffic on the way to whatever establishment it is you choose to spend your days at. Yay. Just to keep you nice and cozy, we’ve thrown together a short piece on Еще
Bring on the New Year - but first: Let’s Celebrate Christmas - our first Christmas as R&G|MAGAZINE! December truly is a magical month; a time for appreciation, joy and laughter. We can reflect on all the things we’ve done throughout 2014 and, regardless of any failures, we’re still granted a second chance in the form of a new year. If that’s not something to be festive about, then what is? Еще
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