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Running On...


Опубликовано в "Религия и духовные практики, Этническая культура", язык - English. 34 страниц.
This is our DEBUT issue, simply titled, “The Gift of Salvation”. This issue is an invitation to “salvation”, a life with Christ, which is knowing, not only will He forgive us of our sins, but that He died on the cross, bearing all of our sins and rose for our justification and is now sitting on the right-hand of God, desiring a relationship with each of us. Еще
The mission of “Running On…” magazine, is to reach the people of God where they are and bring the Good News to them, by being the ‘light’ they are seeking, to give a Word to those hurt, lost, dead and dying in Christ, while giving them the strength and courage to go on another moment and to drawing them closer by revealing to them the Ways and Will of God, so they can bask in His Glory. Еще
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Тэги : life · love · jesus · christ · abundant · forgiveness · gift · salvation · invitation · eternal

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