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Salmon & Steelhead Journal April-May 2020


Опубликовано в "На открытом воздухе, Охота и рыбалка", язык - English. 76 страниц.
16 Editor’s Letter by Pat Hoglund What happens when you remove over 30 sea lions from the Willamette River? Surprise! Steelhead returns over the falls nearly double. 18 At Large by Patrick McGann Along with a group of California sportsmen, McGann questions the HSRG’s definition of “fitness” as it pertains to spawning salmon. 20 Saltwater by Tony Floor Follow Floor as he makes his way to some of the best salmon opportunities in the PNW, and into British Columbia. 22 Freshwater by Bill Herzog Еще
As a courtesy to our readers, the April-May 2020 issue of Salmon & Steelhead Journal is available now. Еще
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