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SapphirEmerald Magazine

January 5, 2021 VOL 4 ISSUE 11

Опубликовано в "Знаменитости и сплетни, Знаменитости и сплетни", язык - English. 54 страниц.
January 2021 VOL 4 ISSUE 11 Re-Cap cover Stories. This year has been a incredible year with super start recording artist Estelle California, Actress Angela Robinson from Tyler Perry soaps, Charles D. Clark, Tray Bills, Chef Patrick and Angelo Ellerbee. Еще
SapphirEmerald is a magazine that represents the diversities of the world’s news. We believe in presenting people in a positive light and helping the public see them from a different perspective. We report on Entertainment, Nonprofit Organizations, Film Producers, Actors, Actresses, Culinary Arts, Fashions, and the Positive Principles of Understanding Art. Our mission is to bring people’s spectacular talents into focus and allow them to sparkle like precious Emeralds, and Sapphire Stones. Еще
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