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Simply Elevate

Issue 4 April 2013

Опубликовано в "Мода, Мода", язык - English. 52 страниц.
Spring is in the air! Fashion, beauty and poetry makes up this issue. Enjoy interviews and articles from a grammy winner all the way to a local NC artist. We will introduce you to Producer Andreao "Fanatic" Heard, Artist Jason Sturdivant, Model Valentina Rose, Model Traci Fowlkes, My Sweet Skin's CEO-Kenyatta Johnson, Gospel singer Brian McIntosh, Gospel group Psalm 100, Mr. Archie Trapp and others. Еще
This is the first and second volume of Simply Elevate Magazine. Our mission is to simply elevate artistic and positive people. We'd like to introduce their talent to the world. Inside each issue we will cover, fashion, art, music and inspirational topics. Enjoy! Еще
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