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Simply Elevate

Issue 7 July 2013

Опубликовано в "Мода, Этническая культура", язык - English. 44 страниц.
Happy birthday America! In our July issue, we celebrate our nation’s independence and will bring our fans stories that will keep them smiling. We will introduce our readers to fashion designers Uvana Doran and Born Majestic. We will show the beauty and talents of models and make-up artists. We'll be featuring and showcasing models: Eva Melinda, Latasha Walker, Christina White, and Sharyn Nicole. We'll bring you the Neo-soulful sound of Promise Marks and smooth-yet-mature sounds of Torion Еще
This is the first and second volume of Simply Elevate Magazine. Our mission is to simply elevate artistic and positive people. We'd like to introduce their talent to the world. Inside each issue we will cover, fashion, art, music and inspirational topics. Enjoy! Еще
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