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Опубликовано в "Литература", язык - English. 36 страниц.
Tamera Alexander, is one of today's most popular writers of inspirational historical romance. USA calls her novels "a full on HIT!" You will see how author's get their books in schools, movies and find out how they write such successful books that readers can't put them down. Author's like Merle Temple, Karen Bartel, Marion Thomas, Michael Thompson, Steve Bradshaw, Dana Carpenter, Roger Rapel, Edie Melson, DiAnn Mills, Steve McCondichie and more delighting you with their stories, Еще
The magazine promotes and showcases authors and introduces their books. Readers and writers go behind the scenes of an author's world. See how they write those great books you love to read; what makes them successful and how they got started. Writers will be able to check out the author's techniques and writing styles as well as promotion and marketing venues. You'll also find authors you don't know which opens up another area of enjoyment and pleasure for you. Еще
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