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Spa Life E-Magazine

Issue 5 Vol. 15 Winter Luxury 2015

Опубликовано в "Красота, Красота", язык - English. 28 страниц.
It's the New Year with new beginnings! We've got some great destinations to feature; Winnipeg's Ten Spa has made some fantastic changes & have amazing treatments! Entrepreneur/owner of Sugar of the Nile is educating the world on sugaring. Associate Editor Lisa McKay shares her Top 10 Luxury spas this issue. Contributor Chris Ryall visits TV Host Marilyn Denis and gets the scoop on her and life! And to finish off your taste buds its chocolate overload recipes! So glad you are here this issue! Еще
Indulge yourself in the decadent world of Spa Life Magazine, which was established in 2000. Featuring Canadian spas and spa in the northern United States, as well as feature articles about the latest developments in the spa industry, this magazine is a must for every spa travel buff. Yet, Spa Life is about more than just spas. With favourite recipes from featured spa destinations, mouth-watering treats are at your fingertips. Spa Life is also dedicated to personal and health issues. Every issue Еще
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