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Star Status Magazine

JUN.NOV.May 2014

Опубликовано в "Музыка, Охота и рыбалка", язык - English. 10 страниц.
My Health is all about making you stay in shape. Learning your body and knowing the right way to eat. Get tips on how to lose weight in one week and more.You can also get an update on the interview with Mykal Bettis from MYKAL'S FITNESS WORKS. Also check out our Star Status Magazine issue (JUN.NOV. 2014) Еще
Star Status is all the upcoming star in the tri-state area.We give you models, artists, (kids ages 10 on Up).We have some of the best features like top artists of the month, interviews, new leaks, and much more...We interact with the stars and also the fans...(Website) Star Status Magazine have some of the best talent featured in the magazine from Philadelphia, Delaware, & New Jersey artists, models, and much more... Еще
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