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Teach Middle East Magazine

May-June 2019 Issue 5 Volume 6

Опубликовано в "Образование, Образование", язык - English. 56 страниц.
Welcome to the summer 2019 issue of Teach Middle East Magazine. This is the last issue of volume 6. The entire volume has been a huge success. We are near the end of yet another academic year and what a year it has been. As the quote above states, the success we have enjoyed here at Teach Middle East Magazine did not come easy. It took hard work, perseverance and lots of sacrifice. Every issue was a masterpiece, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, writers and in-house staff. Еще
Teach Middle East Magazine is a bimonthly magazine focusing on connecting, empowering and developing educators in the Middle East region and beyond. Throughout the year, our emphasis is on providing educators with meaningful resource materials, strategies and methodologies that help to promote sharing good practice in schools. We are equally committed to the personal development of educators and provide informative articles addressing their lifestyle needs in After the Bell. Еще

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