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The CSGA Links

Volume 1 Issue 3 June, 2013

Опубликовано в "Гольф и теннис, Гольф и теннис", язык - English. 40 страниц.
In the June Issue of the CSGA Links Digital Magazine, we recap the first series of CSGA Major Championships, including the Palmer Cup and Women's Open, and introduce the first ever championship highlight videos. We preview the upcoming Connecticut Amateur and Junior Amateur, go one-on-one with Ben Conroy and John VanDerLaan, and explain the Scarlet "R" in your handicap index. Еще
The CSGA Links Digital Magazine is an online publication dedicated to golf in Connecticut. The magazine aims to showcase the latest news, features, information and results, as well as unique golf-related stories and features that go beyond tournaments and competitions Еще

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