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The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. - December 2012 Issue

(Dec. 2012)

Опубликовано в "Бизнес, Бизнес", язык - English. 54 страниц.
Inviting everyone to join in on the Grunge Luxury 2012 look has been pretty easy. Even in the holiday season people are often intrigued with niche promotions and campaigns that leave a sort of ring in their memories. It wasn’t to long ago that print media was on the slide and the holiday season was the only glimmer of hope for retailers to see a good end of the calendar year quarter for their bottom line. With all of the costs and interesting gadgets we have become creatures of passing each other expenditures and calling them gifts. Creative living year round is not just a Grunge Luxury for the holiday season. During the course of the year we all have our moments when experiencing something authentic is in order. The holiday season should just be a natural high point as an ending to spectacular experiences that have occurred within the year. 2012 has been a remarkable year filled with exciting concept delivery from the Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc. Taking businesses and organizations to the next level through productive channel marketing pushes the agency ahead and continues to deliver through their publication family brands. Еще