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The Global Toy Spaniels

Issue 9

Опубликовано в "Домашние животные, Домашние животные", язык - English. 88 страниц.
Featured Breeders: Nightfire Papillon, Germany; Hin Satori Chin, Russia and Marjaniemen Cavaliers, Charlies & Chin, Finland. Articles: Dog Breeding: A Promising Future?; Fred the Service Dog; von Willebrand's Disease; In Glorious Colour; Storage Diseases and GM2 gangliosidosis in the Chin; Agility - Fun for everyone - and the dog; ACKCSC 2013 National; Severe Allergic Reaction and Anaphylaxis Еще
The digital magazine for the toy breeds: Cavaliers, English Toy Spaniels, Japanese Chin and Papillon/Phalenes. Еще
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