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The Knicknackery

Issue Five - 2017

Опубликовано в "Литература, Искусство", язык - English. 49 страниц.
A Knicknackery is a collection of small, eclectic things. So are we. Featuring works by: Erin O'Malley Jim Zola Julia Rose Lewis Becca Borawski Jenkins Alexandra Reisner Preeti Vangani Mariya Deykute Jason G. Santerre Aaron Brame Angela Enos Agatha Beins David Morgan O'Connor Kirsten Voris Amanda Yskamp Featuring original art by Sarah Zar, Helena Martin, and Elena Orlenova Еще
A KNICKNACKERY IS A COLLECTION OF SMALL, ECLECTIC THINGS. SO ARE WE. We’re looking for work that plays jump rope with boundaries. We want to be told a good story; that is most important. We want your strange, your off-center, your under-appreciated, your greatest experiment. We prefer to be haunted. We aim to create a collection of well-crafted misfits worth putting on a shelf. Еще
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