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The Paddler Magazine

Issue 60 Summer 2021

Опубликовано в "На открытом воздухе, Лодочный спорт и авиация", язык - English. 143 страниц.
Paddler is 60 issues old The Long Paddle-Sarah Thornely Testing, testing Canoe poling-Ray Goodwin Full speed astern-Marc Ornstein Ocean8Challenge-Sal Montgomery An interview with…Ottilie Robinson-Shaw Necessity-Corran Addison Galician ww-Bartosz Czauderna Canoe Focus QR leashes-Paul Hyman Paddling history-Richard Harpham A Scottish pilgrimage-Richard Janes Jon White by Annabel Taylor-Ross Decision making-Chris Evans Tidal Thames-Wanda Bodnar Staycation focus-Essex Еще
The International magazine for recreational paddlers. The best for ww kayaking, sea kayaking, expedition kayaking, canoeing, open canoeing, SUP and rafting. Published in partnership with British Canoeing, all magazines are in excess of 130 pages and absolutely free. A 132-page printed edition is available from Еще

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