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The Paddler Magazine

Issue 69 Winter 2023

Опубликовано в ", Лодочный спорт и авиация", язык - English. 117 страниц.
Ed’s foreword-Peter Tranter Review-Typhoon Hendra Hinge women’s drysuit Freestyle Unlocked-Bartosz Czauderna 5 swims and what I learned-Del Read Algarve SUP tour-Stuart Gammon A chat with… Casle Portner Kayaks as research instruments-Carmen Kuntz Canoe Focus Ulster CC 2022 review-Elaine Boyd A chat with… Jordan Wylie & Dawn Aldred Paddling with whales-Cory Jones Royal Deelight-Alain & Liv Cook A chat with…Mal Grey Solo Sideslips-Paul Klonowski Hurley-Mike Shaw Еще

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