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The PaddlerUK magazine

December 2015 issue 5

Опубликовано в "Лодочный спорт и авиация, Лодочный спорт и авиация", язык - English. 98 страниц.
John ‘Rob Roy’ MacGregor by Steffan Meyric Hughes; interview with…Bren Orton; Coaching - Principles of learning by Dave Rossetter; Favourite locations - 26 world-class sea kayakers give their answers; Palm’s Vietnamese factory - Nick Horwood gives you the tour; SAS Hurley Classic 2015 - A collection of photos from Sunday’s events; ICF Freestyle World Champs from Quebec, Canada by Margaret Anthony; Coaching - Preventing a capsize by Paul Bull; Testing, testing - all new gear. Еще

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