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The Saber and Scroll Journal

Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2015

Опубликовано в "История, История", язык - English. 127 страниц.
Welcome to the edited and revised inaugural issue of the American Public University System (APUS) Saber and Scroll Journal. In the years since the APUS Saber and Scroll Historical Society launched its first journal issue, much has changed in the production of the journal. The journal team, working in partnership with APUS ePress, added a print-on-demand (POD) option for each issue in spring 2013. Authors of articles published in the earlier issues of the Saber and Scroll have expressed interest Еще
Welcome to the summer issue of the Saber and Scroll! We are excited that we are now a part of the Policy Studies Organization’s Open Access Journal program. For 7 years, the Saber and Scroll Journal was under the auspices of the Saber and Scroll History Society at the American Public University System. That changed in April of this year when the journal was moved to be the official journal of the American Public University’s Historical Studies Honor Society. Еще

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