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The Trace

Absence/ Presence- A Group Exhibition

Опубликовано в "Искусство", язык - English. 32 страниц.
Caroline Absher, Jeffrey Bishop, Ford Crull, Peggy Cyphers, Craig Dongoski, Valentina DuBasky, Sheila Elias, Jane Fire, Augustus Goertz, Richard Heinrich, Carter Hodgkin, Sol Lewitt, and Mark Tobey. Еще
Lichtundfire is happy to announce THE TRACE, a group show comprised of Artists Working in Various Media Linked to Mark-Making. Inspired by the deconstructivist ideas of French writer, theoretician and cultural critic Jacques Derrida, this exhibition is based upon the principles of the absence of presence or, in reverse, the presence of absence. There is a realm beyond what can be seen with the bare eye, or to what the mind can fathom. Еще
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