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The World of Chub Chub

Hidden Scribbles

Опубликовано в "Дети, Литература", язык - English. 10 страниц.
The first story from Neil Gibson's lighthearted autobiographical comic The World of Chub Chub, in which Chub Chub first begins to develop his artistic side... Еще
This book is an autobiographical giggle as the reader turns back time to enter the youthful mind of T Pub creator Neil Gibson. "Chub Chub" as he's affectionately refered to by his family is a mischevious passionate young boy everyone can relate to. Short stories like "Cat" or "Hidden Scribbles" let us enjoy the easy and simply logic of children. "Tickle" and "Giving Flowers To Girls" readers get to remember how simple love is to children and how easy it can be confused! Еще
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