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The Ultimate Test Guide 2019

Опубликовано в "Доски", язык - English. 120 страниц.
26 brands. 54 twintips. 39 kites. 15 foils... and over 450 hours of solid and technically detailed testing. TheKiteMag's epic ULTIMATE TEST is the definitive guide to the kiteboarding kit of right now. We have diligently assessed every kite and board in a mind-bogglingly comprehensive number of ways and we have our winners... Look inside to find out who! Еще
Digital editions of TheKiteMag's Destination Guides and Brand Guides. There are two destination guides each year to help you plan your next kitebaording trip, and we publish out Brand Guide once a year so you can check out all the latest kit from the biggest brands in the sport. Enjoy :). Еще
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