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Issue 18

Опубликовано в "Игры, Игры", язык - English. 50 страниц.
In issue 18 of TheOverclocker Magazine. We look sat Intel's new X79 platform motherboards. We line up the best and pick the best. Massman takes us through HWBOT's Country Cup 2011 and how Greece triumphed over some stiff competition. Madhshrimp's resident overclocker and contributor, Leeghoofd does some myuth busting on motherboard effiency. All this and so much more inside. Еще
The premier hardware and overclocking digital magazine since 2008. Everything from the latest hardware and games to the most interesting overclocking personalities and PC DIY technologies. Ours is not to be the be the first, but the most honest and informative. Еще

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