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Timber iQ

June - July 2017 // Issue: 32

Опубликовано в "Бизнес", язык - English. 60 страниц.
Check out how the new Piza ē Vino in Lynnridge Mall (Pretoria) used timber – inside and out – on page 20. Speaking of using timber outdoors, check out our feature on outdoor furniture and pergolas on page 32. We also look at the dos and don'ts of using solar on a thatch roof (page 41). Еще
Timber iQ - Design & Construction is a glossy magazine dedicated to all aspects of timber design and construction, bringing its readers relevant content that is in tune with the local market, as well as showcasing project features with international flair. Now entering its third year, Timber iQ engages industry leaders to share their expertise and insight, highlights top-class products and services in the local market. Еще
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