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TUR Mini Magazine

NOV/DEC 2015 Written Conversations

Опубликовано в "Этническая культура, Город", язык - English. 26 страниц.
This is the Written Conversations Mini Magazine for the Nov/Dec 2015 Edition of The Urban Release. This issue features contributing articles on a variety of different topics with titles including: When Is Change Going To Come? Medical Marijuana, Cheating at Your Fingertips, O Momma! Fat GIrl, The Root of Fear, Baking Soda Used for Cancer Treatment, Age Discrimination and Is Black History Month Relevant? These are incredibly talent writers who are passionate about what they write! Еще
These are the Mini Magazines for The Urban Release Summer Edition. The Urban Release is an urban based magazine that focuses on music, literary, sports, business, community programs and social issues. The voice of the urban community.... Еще
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