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Unfazed Magazine

Winter 2017 - Ones to Watch

Опубликовано в "Подростки, Стиль жизни", язык - English. 32 страниц.
This issue is filled with interviews and photos of up-and-coming musicians and bands that made it into our "Ones to Watch" category as well as lifestyle topics such as travel & winter fashion. Enjoy! Еще
We will be publishing quarterly issues (one at the start of every season) that can be viewed online for free or you may purchase a hard copy.  These issues will be filled with photos and interviews with well-known and up-and-coming bands and artists, and feature a variety of other people (such as beauty gurus and hopefully YouTubers someday) who we find unique, inspiring, and inspirational!  We also feature fashion look-books and plan to showcase the coolest clothing brands around! Еще
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