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Water, Sewage & Effluent

May-June 2018

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If South Africa isn’t being crisped in the African sun, it’s being washed away from the ‘Rains down in Africa’. While huge tracts of the country continue to sag under the relentless drought, sighs of relief are emanating out of Cape Town as it supposedly avoids the dreaded Day Zero — by a whisker. In the meantime, in neighbouring Mozambique, following failed rains, the country’s disaster management council imposed strict water rationing across the capital city, with taps turned off every other d Еще
Industry Has the future dried up for mining? The mining industry has not escaped the devastation caused by El Niño and careful planning is needed to ensure a sustainable future. 16 Debate Back to the future? Vetiver grass presents a low-tech, low-cost, highly sustainable add-on solution to treating wastewater. 24 Infrastructure How to build a 50Mℓ self-cleaning reservoir Pre-cast elements are used to build the colossal 15m-high Mafenya Reservoir in North West Province. We investigate the unique, Еще
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