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Опубликовано в "Футбол, Футбол", язык - English. 116 страниц.
(1 issue not two--Joomag lies!) The definitive Penn State preview and feature magazine, brought back for 2013 by the bloggers at Black Shoe Diaries and backed by their readers. Edited by Mike Pettigano, Seth Fisher, Cari Greene and Jared Slanina. Еще
Pay no attention to the "2 per year" thing; that is just Joomag being grievous. There is one... ONE completely indie preview of Penn State's upcoming football season written and backed by the internet obsessives who think it's a mortal sin to cover PSU without being able to identify at least 14 horrible things you can do to a defense with tight ends. Edited by college football bloggerati Mike Pettigano, Seth Fisher, and Black Shoe Diaries' Cari Greene and Jared Slanina Еще
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