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Women's Network

August 2019

Опубликовано в "Бизнес", язык - English. 86 страниц.
Being authentic and being real. Read about our CEO – Janelle Bostock, at the helm of the longest standing and most powerful women’s network in the country. Since taking over in 2017, Janelle has made some distinct changes which have seen the network flourish. In this issue get immersed in the real stories, invaluable articles that give you the best chance of business success. Еще
Women’s Network Magazine is a high quality digital magazine produced by Women's Network Australia. A highly sought after niche magazine that is informative, newsworthy and offers unique business expertise, including tips and strategies on how you can learn, develop and grow your businesses. Each issue offers a unique balance of case studies, analysis, opinions and commentary which allows you to take your business to new levels. Еще
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