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Apr - May Issue

Опубликовано в "Религия и духовные практики, Альтернативный", язык - English. 92 страниц.
This issue explores the power of seed mantra AUM and other seed mantras in the article 'AUM HUM BRAHM'. The issue also takes you to the magical lands of Himalayas including the unexplored village Sissu in Lahaul-Spiti. There is a special article on a near death experience (NDE) by Paul Perry and Dr. Rajiv Parti. Health section comprises of poses to heal back pain, fitness for working women, Depression and Pilates. Еще
Yogic Herald is a Yoga, Wellness & Mystical Tours magazine available in both digital and paperback versions. It is a monthly magazine that focuses on Health, Fitness and Wellness of the mind, body and spirit. The magazine covers news and updates from the Yoga, Ayurveda and Wellness Tourism industry apart from interviews with Yogis, articles produced by remote meditators, healers, wellness experts and Travel reporters. Led by an experienced editorial team, Yogic Herald aims at transforming reader Еще
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