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Zine of Sin

Zine of sin_web+

Опубликовано в "Геи и лесбиянки", язык - English. 32 страниц.
As a result of the project participants produced a thematic magazine covering the different aspects and visions of queer concept and culture discovered and explored over the two weeks of September in Berlin. Еще
«Do not Ignore» – is an SCI (Service Civil International) project aimed to raise the awareness of the suffering of a great number of young people in Russia, the Ukraine and in Germany, who experience discrimination, human rights abuse and social exclusion on a daily base because of their sexual orientation. Especially in Russia and the Ukraine these problems are being denied, are kept secret or worse, the affected persons are being insulted or are attacked physically. The aim of the «Do not igno Еще
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Тэги : gay · queer · lgbtq · gay and lesbian