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Zoom Autism Magazine

Summer 2015 (Issue 4)

Опубликовано в "Семья и воспитание", язык - English. 80 страниц.
In our 4th Issue of ZOOM we bring you an exclusive interview with Barb and Lois of Loud Mute Radio. You will also find tons of Safety and Vacation related articles by autistic contributors such as: Stuart Duncan, M. Kelter, Haley Moss, Conner Cummings and more! Еще
Welcome to ZOOM - Autism through many lenses, the digital magazine whose mission is to inspire, answer questions, ease minds, focus on positive solutions and recognize autistic individuals and the family members who support them on their journeys. Our content is respectful to the autistic community, realistic, hopeful and zooms in on every milestone, every accomplishment, for none are too small or insignificant. Еще

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