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October 2014

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Welcome once again to 24OurMusic! We are consistently growing and reaching farther to all corners of the musical world, building a culmination of some of the world's most underrated acts both under-the-radar and completely unknown. The diversity of the music we feature continues to be impressive too, ranging from the visceral hip-hop theatrics of Lyricest to the young and ravenous Letters From The Fire, all the way to the nostalgic and gritty sounds of The Bixby Dolls. With each turn of the page 更多
24OurMusic is dedicated to showcasing independent musicians from all over the world in every kind of music genre. We provide a service for all artists by promoting their music across a variety of platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and our website 24OurMusic.net, where we provide reviews, write-ups, and interviews, along with a monthly online magazine. 更多
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