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A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters


出版日期 / “摄影, 摄影” / 语言—English / 25页
During her trip to Egypt, Philomena Dashwood thinks she may have found a handsome suitor worthy of her attentions, but his attentions are obsessively directed toward reviving a cursed mummy. When the ancient monster is ressurected, it will stop at nothing to replace its own vital organs with the body parts of living humans! Can Philomena balance her burgeoning attraction to Lord Hargrave while also battling A Mechanical Mummy? 更多
Steampunk Fashion, Photography and Fiction combine in this serialized fantasy photography magazine by artist Tyson Vick. The beautiful and oblivious Philomena Dashwood joins a world-wide Monster Hunting Tour in hopes of finding adventure, but she refuses to give up any of her finery and opinions. Follow her quest as she copes with social mores, etiquette, male suitors, finding love and encounters dozens of villainous monsters in this delightful steampunk photo book. 更多

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