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Business Fit Magazine

May 2019 Issue 2

出版日期 / “综合” / 语言—English / 64页
In this May issue we read about Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas and how they empower people to overcome their fear of public speaking. Elena Georgiadou helps us to change our relationship with the past in her Redefining Aging article, Social Media expert and GB powerlifter, Jodie Cook, tells us what we need to know about freelancing. Victoria Howell gives us a student's perspective on fashion and Wendy Moering shows us how to climb from victim to personal leadership. 更多
Business Fit Magazine shows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. We are aware of thriving entrepreneurs, but we don’t know what it took to get there. Business Fit Magazine empowers you to challenge the status quo and revolutionize your world. We delve into the tales of amazing business people. Every entrepreneur needs inspiration and effective advice, here is where to find it. We give you valuable information from real entrepreneurs in a way you can relate to. 更多

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