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Canine Quarterly - ADBA

CQ April 18

出版日期 / “动物与宠物, 动物与宠物” / 语言—English / 36页
How Dogs are Different Arthritis Working Pit Bulldog Popular Bloodlines Piece work dogs or Symmetry Getting to know Todd Fulford American Bully Popular Bloodlines Top Dog Points Exercise and Nutrition Weight Pull Rankings 2017 Top Ranked Weight Pull Dogs Weight Pull Points History of Ear Cropping and Tail Docking We’re Breeders, Why are we Anti-Breeding 更多
The ADBA Canine Quarterly is the newest the must have American Bully Magazine! Issued quarterly on the Joomag App, this will be a best selling magazine featuring American Bullies and ADBA registered working breeds such as the Patterdale and Working Pit Bulldogs. 更多
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