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CANNAHealthcare Magazine

Volume 3, 4th Quarter, 2017

出版日期 / “健康与健身, 科学” / 语言—English / 136页
This month, CannaHealthcare Magazine covers Pediatric Patient Alexis Bortell as she takes on Jeff Sessions for those who've found Cannabis a safe alternative treatment. We go back 35 years to meet Federal Cannabis Patient Irvin Rosenfeld, who utilizes Medical Cannabis provided to him by taxpayers. CA Cancer Biologist/US Congressman, Dr. Michael Masterman-Smith to introduce a new 'Cannabill' and we continue to address the Opiate epidemic and over prescribed medications. The science matters! 更多
CANNAHealthcare Magazine is a bi-monthly subscription based digital magazine providing clinical and scientific information with a focus on cannabis physicians. Our exclusive focus on Cannabis Physicians delivers insight on medicinal cannabis, clinic profiles, scientific research, clinical knowledge and holistic approaches to total wellness via a multitude of diverse healthcare professionals in order to inform and educate; attracting inquisitive and highly engaged digital audiences. 更多

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