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Celebrate Learning!

Spring 2014 (Vol 5, Issue 2)

出版日期 / “教育, 当地” / 语言—English / 24页
Providing Opportunities for Students - One Agenda Launch Event - Part-time Faculty Corner - “Get on the Bus!” - Online Instructor and Developer Certification – Going Strong! - Spotlight on Faculty Excellence - An Interview with Dr. Tom McKeon, President of TCC - Humphrey Fellow Visits Tulsa Community College - What Do Today’s Students Need to Know? - Instructional Changes are Underway at the TCC Library - Innovations for CTD - Engaging Students with TCC Student SH101 - The Dennis Boe Award 更多
Celebrate Learning! is a Faculty Newsletter for Education Enrichment and published by The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Tulsa Community College 更多

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