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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy"

Analysis of Controversial Claims including..

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Scientific Investigative Report with Analysis on Commercialized Examples(continuous updating summary): on conventional low cost energy cleantech, as well as uniquely high efficiency less known technologies that are related to a string of superior effects that can significantly affect the way business, economy, & everyday life would function if deployed: The report also analyses controversial & questionable claims on various issues around low cost energy technology availability, application... 更多
Quietly Started New Paradigm Shift by Ultra efficient Cleantech with Disruptive Scientific/Economical impact. A gradual peaceful transition from most fundamental paradigms such as limitation based economy or idea of terrestrial civilization being sole existence in the universe, would require a careful social engineering and cooperation amongst establishment groups. Here we are quietly just starting to take a bold step towards basically non-limitation based civilization as a whole... 更多