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DivKid's Month Of Modular

Issue #4 January 2016

出版日期 / “音乐, 音乐” / 语言—English / 14页
2016 already, crazy! Just a heads up ... I've avoided NAMM news in this one as 1) I started writing it and gathering content pre-NAMM and 2) I'm in the middle of a bit of an information overload at the minute so I haven't had chance to soak up all the NAMM news and video content yet. I'll round up news from NAMM next month instead. 更多
A magazine to support and promote the modular synth scene based around the video demo work of DivKid - http://www.youtube.com/divkidvideo You'll find news and features from around the web alongside more personal news from me and an interview each month. 更多

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