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Do They Need Help?

Do they need help?

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Maybe now it has been changing but in 2012 Somalia was the country which there were most girls age seven to sixteen who can’t go to schools. It was 95 percent who couldn’t have an education. And other than Somalia there are a lot of countries who can not go to schools. For example Niger, Liberia, Mali, Pakistan and Guinea. The reasons are because they are girls, they have disabilities, their countries are poor, of child marriage, of natural disaster, of few teachers, they are child labourer and 更多
Have you ever seen a girl doesn’t go to school and work all day? If yes, have you ever helped something to her? Well, the project we are doing in our school for five indigenous girls is to help them to go schools and have education for their ages. We are doing this because as we have better opportunity to go school than these girls, we think it is our responsibility to help them to become in a better country which everyone do not have to suffer from poor and have education for children. 更多